iDadHard Beta Course

Ryan Dunlap - Coach and host of iDadHard

iDad hard is finally opening up it's doors for a round of beta students. The intention behind the course is to help you build authentic relationships with your children through communication and play.

What do we cover in the course?

  • What your child needs ((Besides the obvious))

  • 7 Precepts of iDadHard

  • Parental Power Triad

  • New ways of communicating

  • Introduction to co parenting

Community Benefits

Growing Course Library

iDadHard's Growing Course Library brought to you by Ryan Dunlap

Ryan will be expanding the course video library regularly based on conversations with other dads and your requests.

Get Your Questions Answered by Ryan

Get your questions answered by iDadHard's coach Ryan Dunlap

Post your questions in the facebook group or iDadHard Community to get them answered.

Connect with like minded Dads

Connect with other dads and your host, Ryan Dunlap, in the iDadHard facebook community or online community/forum.

Share your stories and connect with other dads in the facebook group or iDad Hard Community WebApp.

Are there any perks to being a beta user?

As a beta user you will have the opportunity to shape how the course evolves and be able to easily request resources from Ryan.

If you join the iDadHard monthly community then you will be locked into the price you sign up at as the price will rise and the program may even eventually be closed for new attendants if Ryan feels the quality starts to fall.

How much does it cost?

Course - $143 one time

Group Coaching

$143 a month

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